The problems you experience in business are very common
but you, your people and your business aren't. Which means only a unique solution is good enough if it’s great results you’re after. And that’s what we provide. A totally different approach that’s motivational, energiSing and most importantly, gets results.

What’s more, we make sure that whatever work we do with you and your people is totally bespoke and aligned with your goals so it maximises the impact and return on your investment.


Bespoke group, team or whole company events to support achievement of specific objectives that are underpinned by:

Effective Leadership & Management

Powerful Communication

Team Working & Innovation

Successful Change

Excellent Customer Service


One-to-one, confidential support and development for individuals with the greatest potential for impact and maximum leverage for change within organizations as they provide the leadership and management role models. 
They’re often also under the greatest pressure and are more likely to suffer from stress and imbalance in their lives which not only affects them but also the businesses they work in as well as having a knock on effect on their families and the world outside work:

Entrepreneurs, Owner Managers, Directors & Senior Executives
facing personal and organizational challenges

Newly appointed and other managers wanting
to fast-track their development

Key members of staff



"Working with Dale has been an incredibly fruitful experience. Always relevant to the challenges I was facing at the time. As a result I’ve experienced huge amounts of personal growth, sparking profound changes in both my professional and personal life."


"Having been on numerous management courses I was less than thrilled to be asked to attend yet another.  But Dale was a totally different experience. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her approach refreshing and inspiring.  What's more, she enabled me to realise the true way to be effective as a leader and I recommend her to you wholeheartedly."


“Dale and The Department are different.  They've been there, done it and got the T-shirt.  From setting up, to selling on and all the trials and tribulations in between.  So they really know about business. They know about people and they know what it takes to achieve success.”

Joshua Entwistle
NPD Manager
Cherry Tree Bakery, Burnley

Helen Blaikie
Head of Business Planning
National Express, Birmingham

Jennie Johnson, MBE
Founder & CEO, Kids Allowed