A brighter way to business success

In this competitive age, the best intentions, the biggest budgets and even the most superior products or services don’t always guarantee success.  Just why is it that one business struggles while another, similar one, thrives?

The answer often lies in what is now universally acknowledged as being the most important asset of any business - it’s people. 
Because, however technologically advanced a business may be, the human element makes or breaks it’s progress.

Investing in your people is essential.  But, as you may have already discovered, much time and money can be spent with disappointing results.  That’s why The Principle Department offers Spotlight, a refreshing, new way of helping you get the best from your most crucial business investment. Your people.

Solutions tailored for you

Now, as never before, the short and long term benefits of training and development cannot be emphasised too strongly.  A trained workforce performs better, enjoys greater job satisfaction and is more likely to stay loyal. But it must be the right training and development if it's going to make a difference where it matters. But all too often, money and valuable time is spent sending people on courses that are inappropriate or irrelevant to their job role, abilities and prospects within the company.

That’s why Spotlight has been specially developed to identify potential weaknesses, as well as opportunities,
with remarkable precision and also to shed light on wasteful or inefficient practices that are eating into your time and potential profits.  Here at The Department, we take pride in our reputation for consistently delivering an excellent, results-oriented service. 
Clients put their trust in our professional integrity and judgement and they stay with us, year after year.


With Spotlight, all is revealed!

Here are some typical areas covered in a Spotlight consultation:


Purpose, size, location and structure of your business

Your growth objectives - expansion or diversification plans

Current sales performance and aspirations

Known problems

Present and future skill requirements

Existing investment in training and development

Current and future technology and it’s effective operation

Time Management

Customer Service

Efficient use of resources

Terms and Conditions

Spotlight is offered free of charge at the discretion of The Principle Department, to businesses that meet our eligibility criteria and subject to availability.  Eligible businesses will typically have been trading for at least 2 years and employ a minimum of 5-10 people.  For businesses based within 25 miles of the M60 a face to face appointment will be arranged.  For businesses based more than 25 miles of the M60, travel costs will be agreed and reimbursed prior to the appointment or alternatively the meeting will be held via Skype.