FREE Spotlight Consultation

Dale Stafford Full Face Close Up B & W .jpeg
Dale Stafford Full Face Close Up B & W .jpeg

FREE Spotlight Consultation



With Spotlight, all is revealed!

Dale Stafford carries out the consultation personally because she knows precisely what to look for.

“Dale’s different. She’s been there done it and got the T-shirt - from setting up, to selling on and all the trials and tribulations in between. So she really knows about business. She knows about people and she knows what it takes to achieve success.”

Jennie Johnson, MBE
Founder & CEO Kids Allowed Manchester

She then considers her findings and reports back to you, usually within a couple of days.  In addition, full details of the solutions she considers would be of most benefit to your business are included.

It’s that simple.

Here are some typical areas covered in a Spotlight consultation:

  • Purpose, size, location and structure of your business

  • Your growth objectives - expansion or diversification plans

  • Current sales performance and aspirations

  • Known problems

  • Possible grant funded options

  • Current and future technology and it’s effective operation

  • Present and future skill requirements

  • Existing training provision

  • Time management

  • Customer service policies

  • Efficient use of resource


Terms and Conditions

Spotlight is offered free of charge at the discretion of The Principle Department, to businesses that meet our eligibility criteria and subject to availability.  Eligible businesses will typically have been trading for at least 2 years and employ a minimum of 5-10 people.  For businesses based within 25 miles of the M60 a face to face appointment will be arranged.  For businesses based more than 25 miles of the M60, travel costs will be agreed and reimbursed prior to the appointment or alternatively the meeting will be held via Skype.

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